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Welcome to Oka- Look Out for Our Children! Sept. 14, 1990

This home was behind the infamous Warrior barricade... that of Rudi and Mathilda Linde, an elderly German couple, living in Kanehsatake 24 years at the time. Rudi was known during the stand-off as the "Iceman"- for supplying ice to the Warriors at the Main Barricade. Mathilda was a diabetic and unable to obtain her medication during the crisis. The army had refused her re-entry, should she attempt to go to town. The Lindes remained behind as they were looking after the animals of several locals who had unwittingly found themselves exiled from their homes for this reason. Unknown to many people, Kanehsatake is not a reserve and several people behind the barricade were of non-native origin. The day I met the Lindes, they kindly invited me to a lunch of homemade potato pancakes... sitting in their kitchen and conversing in German, it was hard to believe that we were in the center of an armed dispute. Aug.29, 1990.

Food Bank Under Siege. Sept. 14, 1990. The stand-off in the Treatment Centre was underway and food was being denied entry into the Peace Camp and perimeter.

Gas station owner in OKA- who claimed that his vehicle had been taken for a joyride by the Warriors and returned defaced- see next photo. He has since sold his gas station to Mohawks.


The Little House on the Prairie, OKA,

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