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"Who Ya Gonna Call? Chug Busters"-Racist graffiti on the side of an APC. These Gagetown, NB soldiers probably regretted that they had posed for pictures after this appeared in the Montreal Gazette. Sept. 2, 1990.

Kanehsatake backroads- near the fabled "China Beach"- the Warriors's stronghold and alleged location of their heaviest arms cache. Off limits to reporters during Mohawk control of barricade. Soldiers' encampment, Sept. 14, 1990.

Major Laroche briefing journalists in town, Aug.29, 1990

Between the SQ barricade and "No-Man's Land". Aug. 28, 1990.

Young soldier guarding the ravaged golfcourse, down the road from China Beach. Sept.15, 1990.

Soldiers enjoy a steak dinner in Kanehsatake- during the food embargo on the peace camp. School has begun- a school bus drops off Mohawk children in the background. Sept. 14, 1990.

Sept.2, 1990. The day the army took the Mohawk main barricade. Lone soldier on guard prior to the dismantling. On an earlier night at the same barricade, I'd watched the sun come up, silhouetting a young Warrior look-out, who'd danced with his automatic weapon while he sang along to the radio tune of Louie Louie... I heard a rumour that the Warrior log was later taken back to army barracks as a souvenir.

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