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The Media


L."Wizard" and R."Viper"- the name Wizard bestowed upon me... to be explained in the upcoming stories, still Under Construction in Hole Eight and Nine!

L."Wizard" R."Boltpin". Media op. Aug. 29, 1990.

Demystification. An explanation as to why some compositions inspire the remark that they've been seen before!

Aug. 29, 1990. Yet another media op! Largely, a Straight Press fest... (with the exception of NFB filmmakerAlanis Obomsawin, of course, who as the only Native member of the media corps to obtain entry, underwent considerable harassment from the SQ.)

... the alternative press lolls on the grass, too cool for the crush! Aug. 29, 1990. At any given time, the media presence outnumbered the Warriors at least four to one. The army complained to me more than once that "we" were obstructing their aim.

In July 2005 I was interviewed by CKUT (NOTE: 7 MG MP3 file) , a local Montreal radio station, as part of a week long program commemorating the OKA crisis, entitled, "OPEN CRISIS". The 1/2 hour interview covered my participation as alternative independent media behind the barricades.

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