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MUSIC (Photography)





Favourite BLOGS

  • Utopia Moment :Musings and sketches from a writer/illustrator. Reviews of books, movies, visual art, and alternative comic-related things.
  • KNOT undone :What happens to punk activists when they grow up? They often don't- and morph into something like me. I am a photo-journalist, therefore this blog concerns itself with issues involving politics, photography and survival tactics- some working, others knot. Postings of opinions, info and a daily photo.
  • REBEL REBELLE- PUNKS & PROVOCATEURS :REBEL REBELLE- PUNKS & PROVOCATEURS is a photography exhibit of LINDA DAWN HAMMOND, AKA Dawn One, The BLOG exhibit with text begins January, 2005- Exhibit Photos and essays, bi-weekly update on the BLOG site as the printing for the show progresses! Actual exhibit to be held in Montreal at the Foufounes Electriques in April 2005. It features over 100 photos taken from the perspective of a participant in the punk scene, from 1978 to the present. Portrayed are people and bands from interweaving punk, alternative, hardcore, Goth and gay scenes, in Montreal, Toronto, NYC, and Europe.
  • PostSecret :Brilliant and funny, not to mention poignant and occasionally frightening. People were asked to mail a postcard revealing an innermost secret anonymously. Can't praise this enough!


  • GOOGLE: My personal favourite! A thankfully restrained first page, easy to navigate. And I almost always find what I'm looking for! Current AND CACHED pages (helpful when an article is no longer currently posted, and it also highlights the key words you're searching with!).

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