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Welcome to SEXGARAGE 25th Anniversary!

The Party.

It was a RIOT.

The Love-In.

Another RIOT.

As the cop in Station 25 put it, when asked why they beat people who were engaged in peaceful "Passive Resistance"-
"Ah yes, but the key word here is RESISTANCE!"


A Black (and Blue) Comedy.

On the evening of Saturday, July 14th, 1990, a party attended by over 400 people in the warehouse district of Old Montreal became the scene of a violent police attack on its patrons. The incident sparked a chain of events which changed the face of Montreal gay politics and greatly affected the lives of those involved. The party was called SEXGARAGE, and the incident became regarded as the Stonewall of Montreal.

This is the personal account of the photographer who attended the original party and took the photographs which broke the story.

Images and text © Linda Dawn Hammond 1990 / 2018.


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